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MULTIPLE SIZES : One size is not enough for all fruits and vegetables. We offer 6 mesh bags in 3 sizes,2 small bags (8″*11″), 2 medium bags (13″*11″), 2 large bags (17″*11″). Different sizes can accommodate different items, from small lemons to large bundles of kale.
COLOR LABELS : We created these with a different color coded tag for each size so that you can identify and organize perfectly. Tare weight is on the colored labels so the cashier can easily find it and deduct the bag’s weight, saving you time and money.
HANDY DRAWSTRING : Each mesh bag comes with a drawstring and a spring-lock for easy opening and closing,so that the products in the bag are safe and the items won’t roll around in your shopping bag,and all the products will remain in the bag until you take them out.

  • 100% PROMISE : Buy with confidence, we promise to exchange goods in 90 days and refund in 60 days. If you are not satisfied, we will provide 100% replacement or refund service.
  • HEALTHY MATERIAL : Our mesh bags are made of organic cotton, nylon free and biodegradable.They are BPA free , Mercury free and Lead free,They can safely carry food and make you and your family healthier.Reusable and 100% recyclable bags, truly zero waste.

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Reusable Cotton Produce Bags
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